Frequently asked questions

In elder men Prostate enlargement creates symptoms like frequency and urgency. In young men and women similar symptoms are usually caused by Prostate inflammation (men) or infections of the Urinary bladder (women).

Such symptoms are characteristic of the lower urinary tract infections.

In elder men the main reason of haematuria is Prostate enlargement due to benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). In women and young men usually is caused by urinary tract infections. Haematuria is also the most common symptom of Urinary bladder cancer. That’s why its causes should be always investigated.

The symptom is called haemospermia. Usually is caused by Prostate inflammations. Rarely can also be because of Prostate cancer.

Unprotected sexual intercourses especially with people, whose sexual habits and history is unknown, expose both woman and man to sexual transmitted diseases like urethral infections, warts and genital herpes. More serious infections like HIV, and hepatitis B, C and D can also be transmitted through unprotected intercourses.

First grade relatives of patients that suffer from Prostate cancer are more likely of getting Prostate cancer themselves too. Therefore, their control should start earlier at 45 years and not at 50 as for the rest of the population.

Not satisfactory sexual performance in nowadays is very common. The causes should be always investigated. Erectile dysfunction must always be treated, without being allowed to adversely affect one’s personal and social life.

Ejaculation before or within a short time after vaginal penetration and certainly faster than the person wishes, is a very common phenomenon that causes severe embarrassment and anxiety. It is called premature ejaculation and today there are satisfactory ways to treat it.