Peyronie disease

Also called plastic induration of the penis and is a clinical problem affecting middle-age and older men. A palpable dense plaque under penis surface is characteristic of the disease. Penile curvature, painful erection and poor erection distal to the involving area are the main symptoms. The penile deformity may be so severe to prevent satisfactory vaginal penetration. Peyronie’s disease cause is still obscure however an insult (repetitive microvascular injury or trauma) of the penis is the most accepted hypothesis.


  1. Conservative, mainly pharmaceutical treatment is primarily focused on the early stage of the disease to stabilize the plaque size and reduce the pain. Straightening of the penis may be achieved by conservative treatment in only a small percentage of the patients with Peyronie disease.
  2. Surgical treatment aims to correct penile deformity and allow satisfactory sexual intercourse. There are two major types of surgery. The appropriate surgical intervention is selected according to patient clinical characteristics and expectations