Symptoms related to the act of urination

Haematuria: Bloody urine that should never be ignored, can be painful or not. The reason of painful haematuria could be an infection or inflammation of the lower urinary tract (prostate or urinary bladder). Stone disease of the urinary tract is also suggested by painful haematuria. Silent haematuria (with no other symptoms) may be the result of urinary bladder, renal pelvis or ureteral cancer.

Cloudy urine: Usually because of alkaline urine and precipitation of phosphate. Another reason of cloudy and malodorous urine may be an infection.

Urethral discharge: Is usually observed before the first morning urination. It’s accompanied by local burning on urination and itching in the Urethra. It is caused by sexual transmitted organisms like Neisseria gonorrhoeae or Chlamydia trachomatis.