Local pain

Flank (Kidney) pain: Typical ache in the flank (Kidney) area that often spreads towards the Umbilicus, the lower abdomen and the Scrotum. The cause is the sudden distension of the Renal capsule due to inflammation (acute pyelonephritis) or acute Ureteral obstruction (stone or blood clot)

Lower abdomen and pelvic pain: Because of infection or inflammation of the lower urinary tract, or because Urinary Bladder outlet obstruction.

Scrotal pain: Due to trauma, infection or torsion of the testicle. Often spreads towards the lower abdomen. Infection of the Epididymis may also be a reason of Scrotal pain. In any case this type of pain should always be evaluated by a urologist specially when it comes to young men.

Penile pain: Because of infection (urethritis or other sexual transmitted diseases), Peyronie disease, or Priapism (prolonged and painful erection)